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Living History 

See Life in the 13th Century, Come see the people, sites and smell the smells. From Cooking 13th century style and the dress people wore. Talk to any of our re-enactors to learn what life was like back then

Medieval Tournament

See the spectacle of a full medieval combat tournament. This one and a half hour show pits 2 sides against each other in a battel to win at all costs. Our reenactors our fully trained in real hand to hand medieval combat using full weight weapons in authentic costume.   


See the Living history and weapons close up.  Try them first hand for yourself

Interactive Activities

From have a go at Candle making to putting together spells and having a go at medieval archery.

Escafeld Mediaeval Society is a Sheffield based group, although we have members from as far a field as Northampton and Wales. We are an independent group but also enjoy taking part in the several multi bashes that take place during the year. When we started over 36 years ago now, our aim was to entertain and educate the general public by giving a display of a 13th Century tournament, thereby generating an interest in our National history, these remains the same today.
So what is it we do? Well throughout our season which usually runs between April and September, we travel across the country doing shows for different organisations. These can be large events such as the work we do for Cadw in many of their castles; Caernarfon is one that is a particular favourite of ours. We also do small local shows like village galas; these are a pleasure to do because we get to meet some interesting people. Escafeld have always prided ourselves in being professional and to this end We provide a high quality package for event organisers, be they local history groups large organisations such as Cadw or village galas, as well as inspiring the public and not least, our membership.
The period we portray is 1250 to 1300 covering most of the reign of Edward 1. The Tournaments, which in the 12th century had been imitation battles with much bloodshed, were in the 13th century, reduced to carefully arranged jousts, sometimes even with blunted weapons, and held before an audience of ladies whose favours were sought by their champions.
As a member of Escafeld, there are a number of options open for your role in the tourney, and also with associated displays. Foremost amongst these roles is that of the fighting knight. These form the core of the tournament and are the only members allowed to fight with steel in open conflict. Other roles on the field are that of a sergeant or man at arms. We are a family based society and still encourage families to join, so the children can take part on the field as a squire.
Our society has only just started to do living history as part of what we do. The living history display enables people to sample all walks of life from serf to noble person. To see long forgotten crafts and skills come to life before them and hopefully changing their ideas on what it means to be mediaeval.

Archery display, as part of our full program the archery display is typically the first event we run. The display combines demonstrations by our archers of the power and accuracy of their weaponry and an informed, light hearted look at the many historical tales of these weapons and the men who use them, dispelling many Hollywood myths in to the bargain!

So what can we offer, The Escafeld Mediaeval Society can provide a range of entertainments tailored to the needs of the event organiser, from small demonstrations, talks and static displays up to a full program of events culminating in the tournament. In addition to the three main elements of our program we can also provide specific events to meet the requirements of event organisers. our displays range over many historical subjects including costume, heraldry, weapons and armour, archery, food, herbs and medicine and mediaeval pastimes. So if Escafeld seems like the kind of organisation you would like to book then please carry on reading our website, if there are any questions you would like to ask, be it to book us or join, then please use the e-mail address on the ‘Contact Us’ page.